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Two Days in a Row?

Impressive I know, but having a usable laptop again means I can relax in the living room and watch movies while writing updates on my blog! So what’s going on? Well not much honestly. I’m trying my best to acquire and compile as much information on self publishing as I can to try and beContinue reading “Two Days in a Row?”

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m busy in the works getting all the pieces I need to properly self publish my book, but I wanted to stop in a wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! This can be a hard time of year for some but I hope all of you have a wonderful day no matter what you end upContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Big things on the horizon

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Life has been a little extra recently but I’m back and more focused on my writing then ever. Okay so here’s the bad news. I’ve had a set back (kinda?) for the progress of my debut novel “Neon Fever” which is to say, the agent I’d been talkingContinue reading “Big things on the horizon”

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